Services & Plans

This is the breakdown of consultation types & packages. First-time patients may purchase one of the three offered packages (second line down) as this is the most effective way to experience the depth & effectiveness of Ayurveda Tantra, to allay symptoms & to restore balance. Returning patients may purchase individual visits. The initial Sol Luna Session & following Elemental Findings Session are not available as individual sessions.  


Sol Luna Session

The one-time initial Sol Luna Session consists of an intake form completed by the patient and a two-hour meeting to go over the paperwork together.

Elemental Findings

After the initial Sol Luna Session, findings from the Sol Luna Session are presented. Overall treatment plan & focus is given with recommendations for the next step in your journey.

Recurring Wellness Sessions

After your Elemental Findings session, we will meet on a recurring basis to further develop your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual goals through diet, lifestyle, self-care & herbal support. Recommendations are given in accordance to current symptoms & state of imbalance.


Intro Sol Luna Package

If you’re curious about Ayurveda Tantra & learning more about yourself, but aren’t ready to commit to a whole season, this is for you. The Introductory Sol Luna Package is a 6-week, 6-visit offering that includes a Sol Luna Session, Elemental Findings & 4 Wellness Consultations.

Seasonal Sol Luna Package

Take a season to commit to caring for yourself. The Seasonal Package is a 3-month package designed to support one in creating & integrating effective new methods of self-care & self-love. Includes a Sol Luna Session, Elemental Findings & 10 Wellness Consultations. Ideal for short-term clinical conditions.

Six-Month Equinox Package

Take a deep dive into the wisdom of the solar & lunar rhythms within & without. The Six-Month Equinox package includes a Sol Luna Session, Elemental Findings & 20 Wellness visits. Ideal for long-term clinical conditions.


 Seasonal Check-In / Single Appointment

For those needing a seasonal check-in or a personal tune-up. Only available for returning patients.

Seasonal Check-In / 4 Appointments

For those needing a seasonal check-in or a personal tune-up. No expiration date. Only available for returning patients.

Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapies

Find healing through rest, relaxation & receiving. Not currently available due to COVID-19.


Post-Partum Care

Ayurvedic care for mama & baby includes warm oil therapies, freshly cooked meals & other specialized care techniques for postpartum mamas. Help with chores & home tasks included as well. Please submit a contact form to further discuss details, desire & cost. Not currently available due to Covid-19.

Shakti School Mentorship

Available to graduates of Shakti School who are desirous of receiving support & guidance as they move into the field of health & wellness. Please submit a contact form to further discuss length of mentorship, mentorship goals & cost.

Guided Pancha Karma & Home Cleanses

Receive guidance, support & a personalized treatment plan to support you in the deep, yet rejuvenating, Ayurvedic cleansing methods. Must be enrolled in one of the private consultation packages.