Workshops and Teaching

I love sharing my knowledge of Ayurveda Tantra through workshops, classes & community offerings. Check out my current passion projects!

Shakti School

Shakti School is a year-long, online Feminine-Form Ayurveda Tantra School. I teach Level 1 & 2 office hours a few times a month from January to December. I'm a graduate of this school & highly recommend it to any woman or womb-carrier who wants to take a deep-dive into this ancient, time-tested knowledge & apply it to their modern life. 


Sacred Paths 100hr Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

The Sacred Paths Yoga 4-month 100hr Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program blends the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga to provide a holistic approach to not only your yoga teaching but also your life. This online program is designed for yoga teachers, wellness counselors, healthcare professionals, caretakers and any soul interested in a deep dive into Ayurvedic theory, philosophy and practices. This program runs every other weekend from February-June 2021. 1-on-1 Ayurvedic consultations included. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits available. 


Six Week Workshop: Modern Sexual Education and Female Embodiment for Women Ages 11-15 and Their Caregivers

This six-week program starts May of 2021. In collaboration with Erica Snyder of Ama to Prana, join us for a 6-week course for 11-15 year olds and their guardian (mom, dad, aunt, grandma, sister…whoever is a guiding force in their reproductive & sexual education path). Each live, interactive session is approximately 2.5 hours and will focus on mental, physical, spiritual & anatomical knowledge for the modern teen – it’s the sex ed class we wish we would have gotten!

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Student Testimonials

I loooove Laurel's vibe! When I listen to Shakti School office hours, I always feel like I am hanging out with a friend.


Laurel has brought so much freedom and love to my life. Sometimes I have to miss her office hours for Shakti School, but just the thought of the shared space she creates brings me healing, wild and loving energy!


I have always appreciated Laurel's energy, insights, humility, compassion, knowledge, and presence during Shakti School office hours.